Where else in the world do history and the future, nature and technology, young and old meet for an unforgettable and inspirational journey through space and time? The Kennedy Space Center has hosted millions of guests from around the world for more than 30 years -- telling the story of how the United States built a space program that launched men to the Moon, orbited satellites that have improved our lives, and sent probes into distant space to solve the mysteries of the cosmos.

Events & Schedules/Launches & Returns

Tour Kennedy Space Center


  • Astronaut Encounter
  • Astronaut Memorial
  • Astronaut Hall of Fame
  • Mad Mission to Mars
  • IMAX Space Films
  • Rocket Garden *Space Shuttle Plaza
  • Space Gift Shop
  • Apollo/Saturn V Center
  • International Space Station Center
  • Camp Kennedy Space Center
  • Lunch With An Astronaut
  • Astronaut Training Experience (ATX)

Youth/Education Programs

The KSC Visitor Complex offers programs for many grade and interest levels, including Camp Kennedy Space Center, Overnight Adventures, Field Trips, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Days and Salute to Homeschooler Days.

You can also tour NASA areas, meet a real Astronaut, see inspiring IMAX films and discover firsthand how a field trip can enrich every student's education.

Educators can receive classroom materials at the NASA Educator Resource Center.

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The Planetary Society

"The Universe, Yours to Discover"

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